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Giant Trees




The Southern Forests are renowned for the spectacular trees which soar straight into the sky. Take yourself on one of the many walk, bike or car trails that showcase the majesty of the karri, marri and tingle forests. For the thrill seekers, climb high into the canopy and experience a bird’s eye view of forest life.

During the 1930s and 1940s a series of exceptionally tall karri trees were assigned as fire lookouts. They were used to spot the onset of any fires within the area and by 1952 there were eight tree towers in use. A trilogy of karri tree towers remain and are open to the public – the Diamond tree, Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, and the Gloucester Tree. 







The Diamond Tree stands 51 metres tall on the South Western Highway between Manjimup and Pemberton. Used as fire lookout tower between 1941 and 1974, before the use of spotter planes, the Diamond Tree has a wooden cabin built amongst the highest branches. The Diamond Tree isn't accessible for climbing, however a wealth of information can be found by a visit and a meander through the trails. 





Visit this massive jarrah tree at the edge of Manjimup townsite, estimated to be over 500 years old and enjoy the birdsong and wildflowers on the loop trail.







Located in the One Tree Bridge Conservation Park, the Four Aces are four majestic karri trees standing in a perfectly straight line. Just the perfect place to stop and stretch the legs on the drive from Manjimup to Nannup, the Four Aces are just one of the natural spectacles you can enjoy on the walk-trail which links these 400 year old trees to One Tree Bridge and Glenoran Pool.


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