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The Southern Forests is home to a significant number of endemic species of animals, birds, flowers and plants. The sheer beauty and diversity of the landscape, flora and fauna will leave you with a sense of wonder. Experiencing the region is like taking a step back through the ages of time itself.


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The region is home to almost 3,000 species of flora, substantial old growth forest of karri, jarrah and tingle. 

The are 194 species of orchids in the region and the cool, wet climate provides an extended growing season. Be sure to bring your camera with you to take shots of the rare and unusual. Spring in particular is when the forests come alive with wildflowers, creating a tapestry of spectacular colour.








The cool, wet forests also provide a perfect habitat for an amazing variety of fungi of all shapes and colours from May through to August. As decomposers, fungi play a vital role in the forests, freeing up nutrients and forming partnerships with many plant species. 









The Heart-leaf poison bush, a woody perennial shrub has helped to conserve iconic Western Australian mammals in the area. Endangered numbats are found in nature preserved areas north east of Bridgetown, east of Manjimup and in the Perup area. You may be lucky enough to see a Woylie near Perup in the region’s east. The Chuditch or Western Quoll is a spotted nocturnal marsupial only found in South Western Australia. 


The region’s forests and plains are also home to some of our most loved furry marsupials. The Quenda or Southern Brown Bandicoot, Phascogale, Mardo and the famous Quokka can all be found in the Southern Forests and Valleys region. The best change to see one of these animals is to visit the Perup Ecology Centre and Nature Guesthouse.







The forest canopies sing with the sounds of so many birds. Some species can only be found here such as Red-Capped Parrots, Western Rosellas, White-Breasted Robins, Western Thornbills, Little Wattlebirds and the Western Spinebill. The wrens, with their colours and dances will delight onlookers.






The Pemberton Tramway Company Pty Ltd is a privately operated tourist railway in the south west of Western Australia, which conveys tourists through deep forests and picturesque countryside as well as recreating the history of the timber railways that were so important to the regions development and growth. The railway uses paid and voluntary staff, and operates diesel hydraulic trams over a total route length of 10kms.

Diesel Tram Passenger Services to Warren River Bridge  

The organisation is based at the Pemberton Railway Station where all administration, maintenance infrastructure  and operational control functions are centered.

The organisation utilizes a human resource base of both paid and voluntary personnel to perform the various functions required for the safe and correct operation of all operations.

Further details of operations and business information is contained on our Company Details page.






take a tram ride through the southern forests




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