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Parks and Camping




With so much of the region classed as National Park, the Southern Forests and Valleys have some of the most pristine and diverse parks that can be found in Western Australia. Explore the parks by day and head back to your accommodation, or stay in one of the designated camp grounds for a uniquely Australian bush experience.



Parks in the region:






A short drive from Pemberton, the park is home to Beedelup Falls, a stunning winter waterfall. There is a viewing platform and walk with a suspension bridge for a different perspective. The park borders Karri Valley Lake, an ideal spot for swimming, paddling and picnics in the warmer months.






One of the most diverse parks in Western Australia. Drive or walk the Heartbreak Trail as it drops down to the Warren River and then climbs its way back up to the top. Stop off at one of the viewing points where there are picnic or barbeque facilities. There are a number of designated areas along the trail for camping.




The Gloucester National Park is home to the famous Gloucester Tree located 3 kilometres from Pemberton where you can view the karri forest from the ground or from high up in the canopy. Visitors can climb up to a viewing platform 53 metres above the ground, using the climbing pegs inserted into the tree. Another popular attraction in the park is The Cascades, a waterfall in Lefroy Brook.


A rugged and remote park that combines pristine beaches and tall trees in a spectacular landscape along the southern coastline near Northcliffe or Pemberton. You can go camping and 4 wheel driving through dense forests, the mysterious Yeagarup Dunes and coastal tracks and beaches.  












Dominated by an impressive granite peak that has a viewing platform where you have 360 degree views of the Walpole Wilderness Area. Sections of the park are rugged and wild with limited access. The adjacent Mount Frankland South National Park includes the ever popular camping and picnic areas at Fernhook Falls as well as Swarbrick Forest walk.




The rugged coastline, peaceful inlets and rivers are a major feature of the parks beauty. The park is known for the huge buttressed red tingle trees, unique to the Walpole area. Circular Pool is a delightful place to enjoy the forest. You can picnic, marron in season, canoe, capture stunning photos or just soak in the surrounds of this magical place.




Located halfway between Manjimup and Walpole, Shannon National Park lures visitors seeking to immerse themselves in its natural beauty. The karri trees are certainly the jewel of this park, some growing up to 90 metres tall. You can view these forest giants up close at Snake Gully Lookout and Big Tree Grove. As if the karri trees weren’t enough, the park also features beautiful stands of jarrah, marri, bullich, paperbark and blackbutt.

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