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The tall trees and spectacular waterways that sit against a backdrop of breathtaking coastal scenery portrays the essence of Walpole. Stunning beaches, rugged coastlines, long curving rivers and trees that reach for the sky.

The town is like an oasis with a perpetually relaxed feel and exudes a sense of calm. This calmness is obvious in Walpole’s residents who proudly boast about the area. 

The pelicans glide over to the jetty in hope of a free dinner from people fishing. Paddlers slowly move along the shorelines in near silence. People stroll along the beaches, foreshore or gaze out over the deep blue ocean.

The inlets make boating and estuary fishing popular. Dolphins visit the inlet regularly and you can view all this in your own boat or by organized tour. The nearby beaches are as crystal clear as anywhere in the world. 

And then there is the forest. The wild forces of nature may have shaped the forest and surrounding landscapes over millennium, but the tranquillity of the town and coast extends through the hillsides and into the trees themselves.

The Walpole Wilderness area is made up of several National Parks, where giant tingle and karri forests combine with the undergrowth to create a tapestry of natural colours and textures. Wildlife is abundant and it is here that you get a sense of just how small we really are.

At the centre of the Wilderness stands Mt Frankland. From here it is a challenge to see any sign of human activity or habitation. While the walk to Towerman’s Lookout is challenging, the views make it worthwhile – on a clear day you can see the Perongurup and Stirling ranges in the east and the Southern Ocean to the south.

Although small in size, Walpole is massive in stature. There is so much to discover within a short distance of the town centre, you could be forgiven for never wanting to leave.


Not to miss in Walpole


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