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australian truffle traders


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australian truffle traders

The Booth family are one of Australia's most experienced truffle families. They have been a part of the Manjimup truffle industry for over a decade; hands on from growing and distribution to dog training and hunting. As farmers they understand that for chefs, getting truffles at the peak of freshness is paramount.

Gavin, Mel and their son Brin, value a place on the land knowing that shortcuts don’t work. Nurturing their soil, trees and environment is key to the perfect truffle. Orchards are a mix of oak and hazelnut trees, on the roots of which the Booth’s nurture black truffle. A team of truffle dogs is a vital part of Australian Truffle Traders; with an uncanny ability to hunt out only the ripest of truffles to be unearthed by hand.

Gavin Booth hails from the West Highlands of Scotland. The son of a deerstalker he grew up on country estates, well grounded in life on the land, before serving with the Royal Navy. Mel Booth grew up in Australia and started her working life in the vineyards of the Margaret River wine region. For many years Mel was an expert dog trainer and handler, serving in the Australian Customs Service. Mel is now our expert handler and trainer, honing the skills of Viva, Gabby, Molly and Mako. They are more than prized truffle dogs, they’re a part of the Booth family.

We grow and supply fresh black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) from the Southern Forests of Manjimup, Western Australia.


Prized by many of the world's best chefs and restaurateurs for their quality and consistency, our truffles are from the most prolific truffle growing region in the Southern Hemisphere.


Fast worldwide delivery means within 24-48 hours of  being unearthed, you can have perfectly ripe truffle in your hands. Excellent grading standards mean the weight you purchase is pure black truffle.

The Manjimup truffle season is in the Southern Hemisphere winter / Northern Hemisphere summer, a counterpoint to the European season.


Australian Black Truffle Season: 

May to September

Truffle Hunts

Go truffle hunting and learnabout truffles first hand? Join Gavin, Mel and Brin Booth on a hunt with their highly trained truffle dogs. Hear how truffles are grown, hunted and harvested in the Booth family trufferie; suppliers of black truffles to Michelin starred chefs across the globe.

Follow truffle dogs Viva, Gaby, Molly or Mako as they nose out only the ripest of fresh truffles, helping you to unearth fresh black truffles and discover the famous allure for yourself. Highly experienced truffle dog trainers, truffle growers and hunters, the Booths will share a story of over a decade in the world of truffles.  A journey that has taken them, and their truffles, into the kitchens of the world’s best chefs





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