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About the Artist:


Born and raised in West Sussex, England and now based in beautiful Bridgetown, Western Australia. I've always had a passion for drawing and an interest in wildlife and conservation. I aim to portray this interest in my art and hope to raise awareness and improve knowledge in conservation, in particular for endangered fauna.

The primary medium I use is coloured pencil on archival-quality paper, which allows for fine fur details. I like to depict these realistic drawings in a portrait style to focus attention on the animal itself and it's unique features and adaptations to life in wild Australia.  Each drawing typically takes around 72 hours to complete, depending on the size and level of detail required. Drawing acts as a form of therapy to me, allowing me to focus my attention and be present in the moment.

I have a particular interest in depicting the threatened and endangered fauna of the Southwest of Western Australia, a global biodiversity hotspot. This little pocket of the world offers a huge diversity of fauna and flora, many species of which are currently under threat. I hope to play a small role in supporting species conservation, drawing attention to Australia’s unique and threatened fauna, one illustration at a time.

Jodie Quinn - Numbat Joeys

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