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The South West NatureGuide


The app uses technology to help you build a deeper connection to the natural world. This awesome app enables visitors to learn about the plants, animals, geology and history as they explore a tagged trail. Just like walking with a local expert.

Whether your're standing near a plant or a magnificent old tree, overlooking an expensive view, or looking out for wildlife, you can learn about the natural world around with the NatureGuide App helping you along the way.

Available now to download for Apple iOS. Android will be available soon.





Find the parks nearest you when visiting Western Australia with the activities you want to do and facilities available. This application provides most up to date information from Department of Parks and Wildlife's database. No internet connection is required to use this application once downloaded into your device. It checks for data updates to make sure it is providing most current information about our parks to the visitors. 




Seasonal Produce Guide


The Southern Forests region are renowned for their world class fresh produce. We produce everything here: Stone fruit, root vegetables, citrus, leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, meat & seafood to name just a few. There is always something in season in our South West food bowl.



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